Lisa Peters – A parent chimes in on the Southwestern Internship

Lisa Peters – Son Kyle has sold for 5 summers as of 2012

The Peters Family - Southwestern Internship Experience

When our son told us he was considering the Southwestern Advantage summer internship after his freshman year at college, my husband and I had many questions. He would be living in another state, running his own business, at 19 years old? Everything changed once we understood what was involved.

Southwestern was looking for self motivated, positive, hard working, coachable young people to train in every aspect of business. His sales training was top notch in Nashville with 3,000 other college aged young people from around the country. He would not be going in blind.

What I really appreciated was the fact that the values we had worked so hard to teach him were reinforced by great mentors during his training, such as discipline, organization, goal setting, and hard work to name a few. He learned to run his own business and earn a great summer income to boot!

Southwestern’s company mission statement is to “build the character of young people” and we saw this each of the 4 summers he has been involved in the company. It has been life changing as he has met friends from all over the USA, earned incentive trips to exotic locations, gained confidence in himself, and built skills that he will use in future endeavors. Thanks to Southwestern Advantage for the opportunity to learn and grow!

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