Dillon Barr – Bags packed!

Dillon Barr – Central Michigan University

Dillon Barr - Southwestern Advantage

I won’t ever forget the call my sales manager, Maurice Howell, made to me while I was sitting in my college apartment doing nothing with my life. At the time I thought I was a mature, patient, well-rounded young man with the world at my fingertips. I could easily make my way through school with the talents I was given and I worked well with others and the thought of rejection wasn’t something I cared to comprehend.

“I had all of high school to deal with rejection,” I joked to Mo when we met for the first time. The thought of leaving the newly hate-filled-mindset of my hometown to the sweet plains of Minnesota just thrilled me more. I don’t think I even knew what I was going to be selling after the first info meeting and my bags were already packed. I was ready to take my hippie self to St. Paul Minnesota.

About two weeks into the internship I actually realized I was a pretty immature, impatient, and abnormally shaped human being. That, though, was the absolute best thing about this job. I actually got to see myself through the microscope, every advantage and flaw about myself. And I think that’s when someone can REALLY start shaping their life for the better. Not to mention the money I got to make in the process.

Weeks progressed and I literally felt myself growing as an individual. Growth has never meant more to me than the weeks I spent on the bookfield, as well as the weeks that followed the summer. It was an experience I could never have sitting at a desk or walking behind someone literally ‘shadowing’ them, when they really just want you out of their way. With Southwestern Advantage, no one is ever better than someone else. The sales managers and DSM’s (especially my favorite Aaron Schafer) are always there to help you out and put their self in your shoes. Along with that I met other first, second and third year’s that I hope are in my life for a long time.

You don’t ever forget the memories you have with book kids. You can be as immature as you want and they’re right there to act like a kid with you. You can be as serious as you want and they’re right there to have that mature conversation. You can be patient and they’ll wait, you can be impatient and they will act now. I am finally shaping my life for the better and I know some of my best friends are going to be there every step of the way. A nice corny ending from a kid that makes his money selling books door to door and working with the best complete strangers this world has to offer.

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