Keep Knocking – Nicole Theissen

A sweet and short summer job, with a lot of money and some cool people and new places – HA, little did I know.

Nicole Thiessen Southwestern Advantage

I am a sophomore at the University of Bridgeport in the USA, studying International Political economy and diplomacy. Growing up in a German Mennonite Colony in South America, Paraguay I soon learned the importance of seeing things from different perspectives and being open to new ideas. It was my curiosity and the enthusiasm of my student manager (Greta Anderson) that made this crazy job look like something that I would want to do during my summer. We met a couple of times and I had the required interviews, but my mind was already set on this idea. It was in Nashville at sales school that reality first hit me and I started to realize what I had gotten myself into. Waking up at 6am every day and…what? No snooze button? The day was packed with running around in the sun and practicing the sales talk with some breaks to listen to lectures. When we got out of the bus everyone started to RUN!!! Yes, RUN, in the burning sunshine to get to the lecture room first. I was a little taken aback and all this was a little more intense than I had expected.

But the summer was only starting and I was not thinking of giving up. Very soon the enthusiasm of the managers and the inspiring lectures started rubbing off on me and slowly I started to enjoy this routine.

Even though I was a complete stranger to everyone, including the Managers (I was recruited in the US but sold in Canada), I soon felt part of the group and now I consider the people that were complete strangers half a year ago, my “summer-family”.

The summer was just like sales school, very hard in the beginning, but once you decide to jump in and just do it, it’s awesome! Also my host family was very nice and welcoming and my roommates became my best friends.

If I had to give an advise it would be to JUMP ALL IN…if you are not completely into it, you will find endless reasons to give up and just do something else..but if you decide to be coachable and do all the crazy things (like singing all day) that you are told to do, you will be able to convert your tears into laughter and just smile at whatever situation you find yourself in.  If you decide to do it..then JUST DO IT! Find something that works for you, that inspires you and have fun! I had very hard days and very awesome days, and that’s why this job is all about building good work habits and training your attitude to be constant.

Working with Southwestern Advantage is something for extraordinary, courageous people, up for a new challenge. This “job” will teach you lessons that you can learn nowhere else! All you need is good humor and determination.

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