Are you smart enough to strike a top job?

Some people are thinking and dreaming about jobs. They dream of jobs that yield huge salaries. But  among them only a few try to qualify for top jobs. Most of them only dream. They don’t bother to learn a skill in a particular line and to gain some knowledge and experience and try to qualify for a top notch job.

Are you one of them? Well. we are here to give you some good news. We need dreamers. We need people  who have a vision .You may not have learnt a particular skill. You may not have mastered any particular art. In other words you may think that you are not in a position to get a good job. If you have been thinking that way, well then this message may be a turning point of your life.

What is the good news?
We have jobs for you. We have new job vacancies. We have a large number of vacancies to be filled by suitable people. Even if you think you are not skilled in a particular line that’s not a matter to discourage you. We can guide you in the correct path and we can make arrangements for you to  find the correct job and get the required training so that you may be able to handle the job efficiently.

The password for you is “Rakiyawa”. Keep that in mind. We at Rakiyawa are a group of able people who can guide you in the exact path in finding the best job for you. In fact we are loaded with the best jobs. Specially we cater to the Srilankan market and we have a long line of candidates for Srilankan jobs. Jobs in Srilanka are not that hard to find. You don’t have to be discouraged .But you have to do something. The minimum you can do is to  send in an application for new jobs with your CV. So, why delay?

Take a paper or go to your computer. Type your CV and send it to us. We will give you the forward push you need to climb up the ladder of success. You can strike one of the best jobs. Yes, even if you think you are not qualified or unskilled, don’t worry. As long as you are willing to hold a top job, we can help you. Contact “Best jobs Srlanka”.Contact “ Rakiyawa”. Your dream is already a reality with them.


Digital Marketing Melbourne

Getting found easily online is the name of the game and every effort is made by professionals across the globe to achieve this. Billions of dollars and many man hours are spent to make online marketing the reality when you need to sell your wares on the digital medium.

The Digital marketing industry is bursting at the seams and is forecasted to grow at a rate that even the top professionals are today unable to set a benchmark. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, and with mobile applications developing in leaps and bounds the sky is the limit.

Marketing professionals have identified the effect mobile applications are having on the web marketing business, and are targeting these mediums with all the energies they have. It is with much hype that they are directing their advertising budgets to rein in the mobile using citizens of the world. It has reached mind boggling proportions where billions of dollars are pumped in, 24x7 around the world.

The professionals at Digital Marketing agency Melbourne over the past few years with the rapid growth in search marketing have put together some state of the art Search engine optimization or SEO initiatives for their discerning clientele.

Melbourne seo has been in the forefront and is always on track to keep all their clients where they should be, on top, with some exciting new strategies in seo services. Providing high search engine rankings round the clock and good returns on their search engine marketing spend to their clients they are the undisputed leaders, in the industry.

Digital Marketing Melbourne has proven their weight in gold and brought the results envisaged by their numerous clients in this very competitive business. There is no other Digital Marketing agency that has had so many pluses in the recent past and crossed the winning line that many times.

Developing world class software, with help from world class developers, designs by world class designers, strategic marketing by world class marketers, innovative content from world class content writers, eye catching video graphics form world class video specialists, makes Digital Marketing agency Melbourne the professional web marketing agency you have to turn to if you need to get your marketing to work for you, and bring the results you seek.